Bart, Jacque, Quinn, Zoë, and Talia are going around the world! Starting on 06 June 2017, we will travel to:

  • USA: New York City
  • Cuba: Havana, Trinidad, Playa del Este, & Viñales
  • Italy: Milan, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, & Rome
  • France: Paris
  • UAE: Dubai
  • Nepal: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, & hiking
  • Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, & Hiroshima

And we will return to our home in Salt Lake City on 05 August 2017.

This is a long-planned trip to honor the heritages of our three adopted children. Talia is of Cuban origin and will have her 13th birthday in Cuba. Quinn is 1% Italian – we always thought he was more like 50% but he certainly looks Italian – and he will be our tour guide in Rome (in honor of his video game, “Rome: Total War,” of course). And Zoë is 100% Nepali. In fact, her entire birth family will meet us at the airport and we will spend the night at their house to celebrate the birthday of her birth mother, Nirmala. NYC is there because Jacque and Bart used to live there (it’s where they met), Paris because it’s pretty and Bart lived there as an LDS missionary (and we’ll be there for Bastille Day!), Dubai because that’s how you get to Nepal and it’s where we’re going to celebrate Quinn’s birthday by going on a giant desert adventure, and Japan because Jacque loved it and Bart has always wanted to go.

(Note. I know that it is poor form to announce your absence online, lest thieves break through and steal your stuff at home. However, our nephew Will, his wife, Rachel, and their two children will be staying at our house while we are gone, so the opportunity to steal our water heater does not present itself.)

You can follow our adventures here but we’ll post the same updates on:

By the way, when we’re not out and about, we live in the Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City. You can reach us at:

Home: 777 Ninth Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Bart: 801.910.5432 / bartonpoulson@gmail.com / bartonpoulson.com

Jacque: 801.910.5754 / jacque.jacque.jacque@gmail.com

Click on the picture below to get a Google Map to our house:

Google Maps of our house

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